The New York Times of June 21, 2012 paints an alarming picture of the spectre of global warming that looms before us due to the reckless expansion of air conditioning in India and China. World-wide it predicts that air conditioning will be responsible for 27% of global warming by 2050.

Over the past six summers, after developing over 30 variegated models of Snowbreeze, a mild ice-based air-conditioning system, partly funded by Government of India, we have at last come to a model which you can make yourself without any help. It is a perfect low intensity air conditioner consisting only of a plastic bucket, some aluminium pipes and an exhaust fan. In winter you can convert it into an energy saving and humidified room heater.

A silent green "ice energy" revolution is taking place in Europe to cool offices with ice. The Economist (London) says that "in southern Europe (spanning over a dozen countries from Atlantic to Black Sea) roughly one in 20 air conditioned offices is now cooled with ice." A Chinese company is the first to undertake commercial manufacture and marketing of various models of Snowbreeze. (See When will India wake up


How it works

Briefly explained, it works like this: If you pass room air through a set of open ended aluminium pipes loaded with ice, it comes out of the unit 8oC to 10oC cooler in a fast and thick stream which is quickly distributed in the room by a ceiling fan. Ideally, this unit is designed for a 120 to 150 sq.feet room to make you feel relatively cool and comfortable. In a bigger room you can keep it near your bed or study table. It consumes a fixed 2.5 to 3.5 kg ice per hour. Larger and cooler units can be designed for bigger spaces.

Kitchen Snowbreeze: The same unit can be safely used in the kitchen when the gas stoves are on with only chilled water from the water cooler or fridge.

The energy economics of ice air conditioning is very simple. One unit of power makes 20 kilograms of ice in an ice factory. A 1.5 ton AC consumes two units per hour of electricity, which can produce 40 kg ice. If Snowbreeze is used at its optional capacity of 4 to 5 kg ice per hour to bring down the air temperature by 10oC (18oF) in a 150 sq ft room it would be using only 10% of the power used by an air conditioner. Home delivery of cheap ice can reduce global warming.

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Hindustan Times

June 3, 2015

The real ice bucket challenge

(In the context of World Environment day)

His bespectacled eyes gleam with pride when Mukut Behari Lal asks his wife to turn on his one-of-a-kind invention — a cooling device that can give tough competition to air conditioners. As we enjoy the cooling at his house in Saket, Lal, an 86-year-old retired journalist, tells us that it was sheer necessity that made him create his now-patented gadget, Snowbreeze, in 2007. “It was one of those super hot days of May and the power was out for over four hours. I began to feel dizzy and asked my wife to bring water. But she brought ice instead, which provided me with instant relief. That’s when I came up with the idea to counter heat with ice,” he recalls.

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Times of India and Economic Times

March 22, 2011

(Quoting the inventor on the new Snowbreeze Technology)

“The greatest achieve-
ment (of Snowbreeze) is that it has given the world a new source of energy called ice energy. One has to spend a lot to tap solar or wind energy, but a person can use ice enerygy sitting at home. It is also a hot topic of research abroad," says Lal, gingerly typing on his iPad, and going to his webpage to testify.

It functions simply. "This is what happens in the Himalayas. River and seawater evaporate and rise up to form clouds. When clouds hit mountains, water turns into snow and flows back down into the rivers," explains Lal, who calls the device "a green Gandhian air conditioner."

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People’s Snowbreeze
It cuts down ice consumption

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Dr. T. C. Goel

R. N. Deb

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A Cool Discovery for millions

(The Hindu February 25, 2010)


Retired scribe has invented ‘Snowbreeze’, a cooler which saves water and power AGE NO BAR: Octogenarian M.B. Lal has invented 13 models of the “Snowbreeze” so far and says this is his last service.

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Fan Mail, Orders

Newspaper and TV reports of Snowbreeze have brought me a flood of orders for Snowbreeze 4 by email from all over the country though only now a few businessmen are coming forward to manufacture this gadget.

I am reproducing the contents of these letters in a separate section of this website since to me they represent the pulse of the nation. Together with the Chinese firm’s initiative they are indicative of what the Indian middle class intelligentsia expect from the concerned authorities.

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Beat The Heat

(The Statesman, March 2010)

Three years since an elderly journalist came up with the ‘common man’s airconditioner’, his Snowbreeze variants have acquired government support and a ‘green’ guarantee.

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Green AC that’s
cheap as a cooler

(Snowbreeze’ to keep you cool)

It’s energy conserving, nonpolluting and lightweight. It dehumidifies the surroundings like a normal air conditioner and costs much less.

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Dean Nelson’s Blog on Sunday Times (London) website

Dean Nelson was the Sunday Times South Asia editor.

The Burfwala Cometh

“The Snowbreeze arrived a few weeks later in a large blue plastic dustbin, which clashed with everyth- ing and then we had to wait for the burfwala (ice man) to deliver the 20 kgs of ice required to cool the room overnight.

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News Flash

Sept 17,2010

America Wakes up!

Over the next two years, 11 participating utilities in California will install 6,000 of the ice energy devices at a total of 1,500 locations, providing 53 megawatts of energy storage to relieve strain on the region's electrical grid. The project is the first large-scale implementation of Ice Energy's technology.

For details visit: http://www.technologyreview.
com/ energy/25352

Three Stage Snowbreeze 4

A perfect green air conditioner. It gives you the options of cooling your room air by 5oC, 7oC or 11oC.

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Snowbreeze 4

(A Desk-Top AC)

Encased in a sleek, shiny, sturdy and small steel can (13”x13”x15”), and carrying twice the weight of copper coils that was fitted in all previous models, it is one of the most effective cooling and dehumidifying models in the series.

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Snowbreeze 1

Designed in several shapes and sizes Snowbreeze 1 runs a stream of compressed air for 100 to 150 feet through aluminium groo-ves fitted in a separate casing around
an aluminium drum packed with ice. It keeps the room cooled and dehumidified for about 8 hours when it has to be refilled with ice after draining out condensed water. For details see Mini- Snowbreeze section

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A Boon For the old and Sick

Elderly people with limited means need not die of heat or cold for lack of facilities to cope with the weather and power breakd- owns. Invented by an 80 years old man in similar circumstances, Mini - Sn
owbreeze is a cheap but effective air conditioner which can run on an inverter and keep a small room cool and dehumidified for eight hours with “free” ice from the family fridge (Cost Rs.2,500-$50).

Water cooled Snowbreeze

We now have a working model that can run round-the clock entirely on chilled water circulating automatically betw-
een the water cooler and Snowbreeze.

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Snowbreeze 2

(A unique self-cooling AC)

Snowbreeze-2 is a unique cooling device the like of which has never been invented bef- ore it harnesses the self-cooling energy of water in conjunction with ice, based on the centuries old self-cooling ‘matka’ (pitcher) principle, which sets in motion an automatic convection current in a water body.

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Download the video clip

See a CNN Video Clip Aired on October 11, 2007

See a CNN Video Clip Aired on May 12, 2008

Automated Snowbreeze Models

The latest 90% energy saving,100% green, fully automated models of Snowbreeze designed to match a wall airconditioner. Their chief advantage is that it costs you practically nothing but a mere pressing of a switch to keep your room cool and comfortable during the summer and monsoon seasons, whenever you want it.

Battery Powered Rural Unit

It is a special model suited for rural areas where power is available for just a few hours a day or not at all. It can run for eight hours at a time on a specially designed power unit equipped with an automatically recharging 15-ampere dry battery and a 6" DC fan.


Indian Express

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"Snowbreeze Air-conditioner” on Google.

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Snowbreeze as Room Heater

Converting Snowbreeze - 1 into a humidifed power saving room heater is a simple process. Remove the lid of the ice-drum. Suspend a 300 to 500 watt halogen bulb from a bar resting on its rim, with its frame tilted inward, in the upper half of the drum, filling the lower 40% of it with water and leaving a gap of half to one inch between the water and the bulb-frame. Then switch on the system. Warm air will start blowing into the room within 10 minutes. The warming up period could be reduced to five minutes or less if, to start with, you put preheated water in the drum.

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